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Printing Ink Resin

Tackify Resin GXH Series-- 210#

210# is rosin modified phenolic resin designed for paint-making and Printing ink industry, with high Softening Point and low yellow stain, It is mainly used in paint-making and Printing ink industry

Quality standard:

Name 210#
Softening Point, °C ≥135
Luster(Fe-Co Method)≤ 12
Acid Value, mgKOH/g, ≤ 20


1, High Softening Point.

2, Low yellow stain.

3, Fsat drying.

4, Good solubility in various solvents,

5, Oil soluble, moisture-proof, goos insulation.


1, Paint.

2, Printing ink.


Remark: referenced only, please make experiment before use.

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