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Super Tackify Resin

HA series-- HA482, HA492

HA482 and HA492 are super light color and stable natural resin made of rosin, it has high Softening Point, high viscosity and good heat stability. It can be used in EVA hot-melt adhesive and hot-melt coating .

Quality standard:

Name HA482 HA492
Softening Point, °C 98-105 108-116
Luster(Fe-Co Method) 3-4 3-4
Acid Value, mgKOH/g≤ 20 20
Melting viscosity(150°C)Pa.s 850-1500 2500-5500
Ash(wt), %, ≤ 0.1 0.1


1, Light color, low odor.

2, Improve the adhesion of EVA adhesive greatly.

3, Good heat stability, the EVA adhesive has good antiager ability

4, Good antioxygen capacity, long shelf period

5, Good solubility in various solvents,

6, It is compatible with NR, CR, SBR, SBS, SIS, EVA in any ratio and form transparent system with SBS, SIS, EVA


1, Hot-melt binder: packing adhesive, cigarette tips adhesive, etc..

2, Hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive:sanitary towel adhesive, etc..

3, Solvent hot-sensitive binder:composite film glue, etc..

4, Hot-melt coating.

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