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Hot-Melt Road Markings Resins

HT series-- HT95, HT100, HT105

Quality index:

Name HT95 HT100 HT105
Appearance light yellow semicircular granular transparent solid
Softening Point (ball and ring method) °C 95±2 100±2 105±2
Chroma (Fe-Co) ≤ 3 3 3
Acid value, mgKOH/g 20-25 20-25 20-25


1, Has light Chroma and moderate Softening Point, can effectively achieve the light shielding, UV absorption, capture of free radicals, peroxide decomposition and quenching of active oxides.

2, Its road marking materials have good resistance to compression, wear and contamination, moderate levelling capacity and fast drying speed.

3, Good resistance to yellow stain and ageing.


Used to produce white or yellow hot-melt road marking coatings, suitable for asphalt and concrete pavement

Packing: paper-plastic laminated bag, 25kg/bag.


Note: reference only. do experiment before use.

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